Triple Brush Hoe Triple Brush HoeTriple Brush Hoe

Triple Brush Hoe

Robust mechanical weed control for vegetables!

With increasingly limited herbicides for vegetable crops and tighter regulations on pesticide residues, weed control is becoming more difficult than ever.

The Triple Brush Hoe helps to meet these challenges by offering aggressive weed control between crop rows from a very early crop growth stage.

Using existing brush technology mounted on a robust frame, the machine uproots weeds of up to 10cm high, leaving them exposed on the surface to desiccate. As part of an integrated pesticide management system, the Triple Brush Hoe provides an invaluable tool for the progressive grower.

  • Safe, early weed control!
  • Tackle problem weeds!
  • Reduce overhead sprays!
  • Minimise pesticide usage!
  • Reduce residue risk!

Example uses:

  • Early weed control from ITL
  • “Fire engine” treatments
  • Suitable for all row crop vegetables
  • Integrated with overhead» sprays
  • Conventional or organic
  • Proven Bartschi-Fobro brush technology
  • Infinitely adjustable brush and hood position
  • Fits all wheel centres
  • Adjustable brush widths -Range of hood widths  accurate control
  • Variable speed PTO powered hydraulic drive
  • Durable nylon brushes -Counter-sprung pivoting brush unit for maximum soil contact -Up to 3 km/hr travel speed
  • 10-15 ha per day output -Colour camera kit option
  • Weeds thrown to surface for rapid desiccation
  • Suitable for all row-crop vegetables    
  • Conventional or organic systems
  • Foldable for easy transport -Robust construction
  • Locally made, in the UK

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