Trojan Bandspayer Trojan BandspayerTrojan Bandspayer

Trojan Bandspayer

Specifically designed for the vegetable grower!

With ever-decreasing herbicide availability and tighter regulations on pesticide residues, weed control in field vegetables is becoming more difficult than ever.

The Trojan Bandsprayer helps to meet these challenges by allowing targeted weed control to the most susceptible areas between rows and / or wheelings.

Fully adjustable hoods minimise drift and allow the passage of large weeds, ensuring optimal control in treated areas.

As part of an integrated pesticide management system; the Trojan Bandsprayer provides an invaluable tool for the progressive vegetable grower.

  • Reduce overhead sprays!
  • Minimise pesticide usage!
  • Reduce residue risk!
  • Tackle problem weeds!
  • Improve weed control!

Example uses:

  • Residual top-up (especially where wind-blown)
  • Weed control in wheelings
  • Integrated with overhead sprays
  • “Fire engine” treatments a
  • Options for localised drenching


  • Adjustable hood position
  • Fits any wheel centres
  • -Individually adjustable hood width
  • Good height clearance for weeds
  • Adjustable nozzle height
  • Anti-drip nozzles
  • Counter-sprung floating  parallelograms
  • 2 x 500 litre capacity
  • Split tanks and pumping systems for wheeling / inter-row


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